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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Solar Expo “ACTUS” In Morocco

Solar Expo “ACTUS” In Morocco
The first edition of the Solar Expo “ACTUS” was held this weekend in Marrakech. The show brought together some fifty national and international exhibitors led by Rachid Bouguern initiator and director of this appointment.
Solar energy (photovoltaic, hydro, wind, and biomass) has become an essential resource during the past recent years. Cost control, environment preservation, promoting economics and energy saving are the reasons why people start replacing their old energy resources with renewable ones. And during these days, a widespread enthusiasm concerning renewable energy in Morocco is being witnessed. The Solar Living Expo was therefore necessary, by itself. Many expert exhibitors, gathered at the convention center for four days, with several projects: facilitating national and international agreements, making the show a major center of growth, enhancing the Moroccan offer, to relate the various operators in the sector … The show provides a platform of solar energy in Africa and a place to meet and exchange between developers and consumers. For a country like Morocco, solar energy is a part of the future. The Kingdom has, according to Rashid Bouguern enormous potential thanks to the great sunshine this time of year. Moreover, it is a significant economic asset, given the soaring price of crude.
Success for a first
Several conferences were held during the show. Their goal was to educate operators and consumers on different topics: energy saving, environment protection, sustainable development, security, and development of solar energy in Maroc. The solar Living Expo also educates visitors about the latest technology updated in this area. The future should be bright for this show since solar energy is an inexhaustible wealth.
Basma – International Green Energy Correspondent – 23/02/2012

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