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Saturday, 31 March 2012

Cloud cover and solar panels

Some interesting facts from Green Energy WA

Solar sections hold a money of advantages, both for individuals and for the community at huge. Financially, solar energy sections promise to lower the cost of your. Environmentally, solar energy sections can give us cleaner energy, maintainable energy will not require further damage to the environment. Solar energy can reach remote areas. It can carry education, or quickly needed medical information.

The results of atmosphere on a screen, though, might reduce those and other pro...

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Solar sections hold a money of advantages, both for individuals and for the community at huge. Financially, solar energy sections promise to lower the cost of your. Environmentally, solar energy sections can give us cleaner energy, maintainable energy will not require further damage to the environment. Solar energy can reach remote areas. It can carry education, or quickly needed medical information.

The results of atmosphere on a screen, though, might reduce those and other promising advantages.

The results of atmosphere on a screen might make it far less efficient in certain parts around the globe and at certain seasons.

For that reason, people who are considering solar energy sections for their homes are often heard to ask: will atmosphere impact my solar energy panels?

Will Clouds Affect My Solar Panels?

Clouds do impact solar energy sections. The quantity of your your solar energy sections can generate is directly dependent on the level of lighting they receive.

In complete, bright natural light, solar energy sections receive maximum levels of lighting. During those "peak" natural light hours, your solar energy sections will generate energy at their maximum capacity.

When atmosphere protect the sun, lighting levels are reduced. This does not shut down wind turbine, however. If there is enough lighting to cast a shadow, regardless of the atmosphere, your solar energy sections should operate at about half of their complete capacity. Thicker reasoning protect will reduce operations further. Eventually, with heavy reasoning protect, solar energy sections will generate very little useful energy.

The Good News!

The results of atmosphere on a screen can be surprising good, however. Incredibly, your solar energy sections will put out their ultimate quantity of peak energy during dark weather!

As the sun moves into a hole between the atmosphere, your solar energy sections will see something wonderful. They will see complete natural light "plus" reflected lighting from the clouds! They will drink in more energy than they could on a cloudless day!

The results of atmosphere on a screen could then generate peaks at or above 50 percent more than its direct-sun output!

Meeting the Challenge
There are ways to meet the reasoning challenge.
1. If you often have atmosphere in the afternoon, but mornings are clear, aim your solar energy sections slightly toward the east.
2. Be sure you use a huge enough battery system to maximize the quantity of your stored for use when the atmosphere arrive.
3. Make sure your controller has plenty of headroom over the rated section result energy so that it can absorb the surges when the sun reflects off the atmosphere.
Those tricks and more are practiced in dark regions around the globe where people have sprinted far ahead of the United States in their use of screen energy.

Effects of Clouds on a Solar Screen in Germany

Germany is typically a very dark country. Read about the environment of Malaysia, and you will find that it is "temperate and marine; cool, dark, wet winters and summers; occasional warm mountain (foehn) wind" according to Nation Master's website.
In revenge of its dark environment, though, Malaysia is by far the world's biggest user of solar energy sections. If you lived in Malaysia, you could sell back to the main energy all of the excess electricity produced by your solar energy sections. Why would I even care in such a dark climate? If atmosphere impact my solar energy sections too much, I would not worry about selling back to the main lines.
In 2006, Malaysia opened the largest solar energy park on the planet. Malaysia also has Europe's most modern solar energy housing project a solar energy village of 50 solar energy houses that generate more energy than they use!
Will atmosphere impact my solar energy panels? Even if I lived in Malaysia, the effect would not be enough to forego solar energy.

Some interesting facts from Green Energy WA

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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Solar Energy: The "Grandmothers" Who Decided To Illuminate 600 Households

After spending six months in India where they received training on solar energy techniques and technologies, "grandmothers" have decided to put their talents into local development. Thus on 1 March 2012, they launched the lighting projects of 600 households with solar energy. It was in the village of boala, about fifty miles of Kaya, in the Namentenga province.

The purpose of these six projects, costing a total of 375 million CFA francs, is to allow each willing household to supply solar energy for their fixed lamp, solar light lantern and a socket (for charging mobile phones) etc.., according to the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development, Jean Kouldiaty, head of the launching ceremony. The "grandmothers" union formed, will have to install and manage small units of solar energy in their villages while maintenance costs of solar equipment will be managed by communities. “This training allows these women to become role models for youth in the community, both girls and boys”. Added the Minister for Kouldiaty, "My wish is to see this event as a springboard to strengthen state efforts and technical and financial partners and promoting the use of alternative energy by creating a training in solar energy at schools.”

For Pascal Karorero, the Resident Representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) in Burkina Faso, "this initiative is of particular interest for our organization and the UN." He said the lighting of 600 rural households contribute to the preservation of biological diversity, children's education, promotion of income generating activities and reducing the rural exodus. "The initiative also aims to achieve three interrelated goals for 2030 which are universal access to modern energy services and doubling the rate of improvement of energy efficiency and the share of renewable energy in the energy mix, "said Mr. Karorero.

Basma Jalloul – International Green Energy Perth WA Correspondent – 07/03/2012

Solar Energy: It’s Not About Solar Panels Only

Wanting to save energy is always a good idea. Indeed, electricity generation, according to the methods of production, can be added to the list of factors that deplete the planet. The financial aspect is also taken into account, and electricity prices, like most other energy sources (especially fossil fuels like oil, which we derive most of our fuels) end to always increase.

In response, more and more solutions are emerging; the most famous one is that of the purchase of photovoltaic panels. But even if subsidies are available to assist in this investment, this is an option that is only available to those who own a home that enables the installation of such panels. Tenants, living in apartments or whose roof exposure is not appropriate will not benefit. Fortunately, alternatives exist for those who cannot afford a photovoltaic kit.

The wind generator is a particular alternative for the proud owners of large gardens, but not only! Indeed, there are now small models that can be installed on the house roof to produce at least part of the electricity consumed by the household. Newer models are more productive while being quieter, and allow for constant use in particularly windy areas, even if they are not sunny.

But for those who cannot afford to invest in such facilities, there are still alternatives to save electricity on a daily basis. Ideas abound, and manufacturers creativity and competition offered u really ingenious gadgets and practices. For example, a solar battery, which is recharged by placing it directly in the sunlight, will charge many electronic devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players or even, for a little more powerful model, your laptop. By the same principle, you will also find battery chargers or laptops equipped by a solar panel. That said, the system of the outer solar battery is preferable since a single battery allows you to charge many devices as long as you have the necessary adapters. A solar backpack can also fulfill this role.

Besides photovoltaic electricity generation, there are other ways to utilize solar energy, for example by using solar thermal panels, which can heat water in your home, or devices like the solar cooker allowing you to cook entire meals with nothing but solar energy, for a much healthier food than the one you can get with a barbecue, well known for introducing harmful elements in food!

Basma Jalloul – International Green Energy WA Perth Correspondent – 07/03/2012

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charge Your iPhone With This Solar Powered Dock!

The A-Solar Company has a new dock for iPhone, the Power Dock, which recharges the phone via USB or externally by solar energy.

The Power Dock, presented by A-Solar, allows the recharging of the Apple phone, iPhone, via two distinct processes. The first is via a USB connection to a computer. The technique is classical. But outside, the most environment friendly solution, the Power Dock can also fill the phone's battery using solar energy.

The accessory is equipped with photovoltaic cells and a battery of 6000 mAh, able to fully charge the iPhone. The Power Dock, meanwhile, charges your iPhone in four hours, when connected to a computer and between 12 and 16 hours if it is placed face to natural light. A LED indicator indicates if the Power Dock Battery is fully charged or not, says Ubergizmo.

It also can, while charging, synchronize the contents deposited on iTunes, which offers the same time a mean that prevents the iPhone from being placed anywhere and getting unfortunate scratches.

The Power Dock is available at A-Solar for a suggested retail price of 79 euros (approx. $110). The accessory is manufactured on demand and will arrive within two to three weeks.

Charging Your Tablet Using Solar Energy Is Possible!

The idea is simple: you're not at home, you are not in the office, you are not in a civilized place, you are camping, hiking, or in a race to circumnavigate the world.... Yes, but now, how to communicate with others if you cannot charge your smartphone, tablet or even your favorite game console (PSVita)?

The solution lies in a boundless energy: solar energy. The whole question is therefore in our (us as humans) ability to capture, to store and distribute it in the form of more conventional energy, electrical energy.

Now it's pinnacle with Solariflex marketing of several products including flexible solar panels of different sizes: the “Power 6 USB” allows you to recharge small devices such as smartphones and to power equipment electrical appliances.

The “USB 6 Power” can charge tablets such as iPads or recharge a small battery of 4400 mAh (which serves as storage) that will allow you to recharge your iPad at the right time.

EDF Acquires Photowatt, French Pioneer Of Solar Energy

The Commercial Court of Vienna (Isère) confirmed Monday the takeover bid by EDF Photowatt. This avoids the liquidation of the only French manufacturer of photovoltaic cells.

It was a happy ending for the employees of Photowatt. The Commercial Court of Vienna, near Grenoble, has selected the offer presented by EDF on Monday that aims to maintain the activity of this company as it is.

Of the 425 people currently employed by Photowatt, EDF offers to 345 employees and over 10 apprentices to continue their activity in the company. The other 70 will be offered redeployment within the EDF Group.

"This operation is part of the Group's strategy to be a leader in renewable energy, including photovoltaics, thereby contributing to the development of better technologies," said EDF in a statement.

Photowatt was placed in receivership after filing for bankruptcy in November. The sole French manufacturer of photovoltaic cells has undergone in recent years the rise of Chinese manufacturers. In 2011, the decrease in tariffs for solar electricity in France has exacerbated the difficulties of SMEs, which showed a net loss of 80 million euros.

EDF has agreed to inject 75 million euros as part of the recovery of the company. "This transaction will enable the Group, through its subsidiary EDF, to take over the assets of Photowatt and 100% of its subsidiary PV Alliance2 and get an exclusive worldwide license to the heterojunction technology, currently under development, "said the electrician in a statement.

Solar Energy: Germany's Sudden Drop In Tariffs

Usually presented as a consultative model, the German method surprises us this time by its brutality and magnitude of the cuts announced.

After Italy and France, and while the British government is fighting to impose a similar measure, it is Germany’s turn to announce an imminent and sharp decline of its feed-in tariffs for electricity from photovoltaic origin. Announced for March 9, or within two weeks and four months ahead of schedule, this fall will be at 20-29%, depending on the facilities, two times larger than initially planned.

As a consequence, it will be 13.5 cents per kilowatt/hour (kWh) for ground stations up to 10 megawatts (MW) and between 1 and 10 MW. Beyond 10 MW, no central recorded after July 1 will receive any subsidy. Installations on roofs less than 1 MW will be paid 16.5 cents per kWh and those below 10 KW will receive 19.5 cents per kWh. In addition, the tariffs reduction will be spread spaciously over time, on a monthly basis.

German Industrialists Vulnerable

Usually presented (including French manufacturers) as a model of anticipation and cooperation for the development of these tariffs, the country seems to take this time a step back. About fifty of them, including Solarworld and inverter manufacturer SMA, has also demonstrated Friday, the day after the announcement, brandishing the threat of thousands of job losses. And stock prices of major industry players have lost 5% to 10%.

Faced with these protests, ministers argue that the previous rate cuts did not prevent the country to install 7.5 GW per year in 2010 and 2011, for an additional cost of nearly $ 8 billion in the bill of consumer.