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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charge Your iPhone With This Solar Powered Dock!

The A-Solar Company has a new dock for iPhone, the Power Dock, which recharges the phone via USB or externally by solar energy.

The Power Dock, presented by A-Solar, allows the recharging of the Apple phone, iPhone, via two distinct processes. The first is via a USB connection to a computer. The technique is classical. But outside, the most environment friendly solution, the Power Dock can also fill the phone's battery using solar energy.

The accessory is equipped with photovoltaic cells and a battery of 6000 mAh, able to fully charge the iPhone. The Power Dock, meanwhile, charges your iPhone in four hours, when connected to a computer and between 12 and 16 hours if it is placed face to natural light. A LED indicator indicates if the Power Dock Battery is fully charged or not, says Ubergizmo.

It also can, while charging, synchronize the contents deposited on iTunes, which offers the same time a mean that prevents the iPhone from being placed anywhere and getting unfortunate scratches.

The Power Dock is available at A-Solar for a suggested retail price of 79 euros (approx. $110). The accessory is manufactured on demand and will arrive within two to three weeks.


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