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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Charging Your Tablet Using Solar Energy Is Possible!

The idea is simple: you're not at home, you are not in the office, you are not in a civilized place, you are camping, hiking, or in a race to circumnavigate the world.... Yes, but now, how to communicate with others if you cannot charge your smartphone, tablet or even your favorite game console (PSVita)?

The solution lies in a boundless energy: solar energy. The whole question is therefore in our (us as humans) ability to capture, to store and distribute it in the form of more conventional energy, electrical energy.

Now it's pinnacle with Solariflex marketing of several products including flexible solar panels of different sizes: the “Power 6 USB” allows you to recharge small devices such as smartphones and to power equipment electrical appliances.

The “USB 6 Power” can charge tablets such as iPads or recharge a small battery of 4400 mAh (which serves as storage) that will allow you to recharge your iPad at the right time.

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