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Thursday, 8 March 2012

Solar Energy: It’s Not About Solar Panels Only

Wanting to save energy is always a good idea. Indeed, electricity generation, according to the methods of production, can be added to the list of factors that deplete the planet. The financial aspect is also taken into account, and electricity prices, like most other energy sources (especially fossil fuels like oil, which we derive most of our fuels) end to always increase.

In response, more and more solutions are emerging; the most famous one is that of the purchase of photovoltaic panels. But even if subsidies are available to assist in this investment, this is an option that is only available to those who own a home that enables the installation of such panels. Tenants, living in apartments or whose roof exposure is not appropriate will not benefit. Fortunately, alternatives exist for those who cannot afford a photovoltaic kit.

The wind generator is a particular alternative for the proud owners of large gardens, but not only! Indeed, there are now small models that can be installed on the house roof to produce at least part of the electricity consumed by the household. Newer models are more productive while being quieter, and allow for constant use in particularly windy areas, even if they are not sunny.

But for those who cannot afford to invest in such facilities, there are still alternatives to save electricity on a daily basis. Ideas abound, and manufacturers creativity and competition offered u really ingenious gadgets and practices. For example, a solar battery, which is recharged by placing it directly in the sunlight, will charge many electronic devices such as mobile phones, mp3 players or even, for a little more powerful model, your laptop. By the same principle, you will also find battery chargers or laptops equipped by a solar panel. That said, the system of the outer solar battery is preferable since a single battery allows you to charge many devices as long as you have the necessary adapters. A solar backpack can also fulfill this role.

Besides photovoltaic electricity generation, there are other ways to utilize solar energy, for example by using solar thermal panels, which can heat water in your home, or devices like the solar cooker allowing you to cook entire meals with nothing but solar energy, for a much healthier food than the one you can get with a barbecue, well known for introducing harmful elements in food!

Basma Jalloul – International Green Energy WA Perth Correspondent – 07/03/2012

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