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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

French Urban Solar Parc

The Largest French Urban Solar Parc, Coming Soon...

In May, the city of Bordeaux will have the largest solar energy park in France located in the urban areas. With its 61,500 solar panels and its 20 hectares of surface, the central Bordeaux-Lac saves 1,700 tons of CO2 emissions.

Solar Panels Covering 7,000 Parking Spaces
This park  is installed in the parking lot of the Exhibition of the city of Bordeaux. It thus covers 7,000 parking spaces. In general, there are 78,500 m2 of installed panels. This project, which lasted 10 months will cost a whopping € 55 million, all financed by EDF EN.

A Production Of 13,000 Mwh Per Year
The solar panels will produce 13 000 MWh per year which is an average power generation for 5000 homes. Ultimately, the goal of the city of Bordeaux is to use 23

Basma – International Green Energy Correspondent – 06/04/2012

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