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Sunday, 22 July 2012

Equinox Solar Hot Water Hit Town At Green Energy WA


Equinox close coupled solar water heaters have the storage tank mounted above the solar collectors together on your roof. Solar energy heats water in the collectors and thermosyphon (hot water rises) naturally transfers the heated water from the solar collectors into the tank without any moving parts. High quality materials, lightweight construction and a variety of finishes makes this the perfect roof mounted solar hot water solution.

  • Reduction in energy costs to heat the water used in your home
  • High efficiency collectors to absorb the maximum available solar energy (collectors available for frost prone areas also).
  • Light weight tanks allow installation on a wider range of roof designs.
  • Outer skin made from colorbond in a wide range of popular colours to match your roof.*
  • Naturally occurring thermosiphon means no moving parts and therefore less components required.
  • Electric or gas boost available to suit your needs.
  • Government rebates are available because of the large number of STC’s awarded due to the high efficiency of the collectors.
  • Designed by Rinnai, a household name in efficient water heating.
    See the range here One of the finest ranges of Solar Hot Water in Perth WA

  • * only available in the stainless steel range


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    2. Solar hot water are definitely very useful will always help to reduce the use of energy. I just fit one in my bathroom to take an advantage of it.