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Friday, 30 December 2011

Solar Hot Water and Solar Power -Green Energy WA

Solar Energy Panels and Inverters

We have you covered there also with the best range of product in Perth. Our range of Solar Energy equipment includes, Sun Tech, Canadian Solar, Trina,Sharp, Q-Cells, Sunny Boy, Aurora, Delta and more, they're all here at Green Energy! Why go anywhere else?

Solar Installations

Using Green Energy offers complete peace of mind. Our Hot Water service and solar energy sales division technicians are fully insured so you rest easy.

GEWA products also come with the highest of accreditations so again you know, you are buying quality long lasting items that have passed the most stringent of testing.

In Summary...

In deciding your system requirements, be that for solar hot water or solar energy panels you need choice. Green Energy will give you options based on price, based on performance, based on warranty, its all your choice.

We are a family WA based business with years of experience in the industry. We don't install the system and disappear. We have support lines and contact emails, you will have mobile numbers, so if it goes wrong, we're there for you.

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