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Monday, 2 January 2012

Wind Turbine” was set up by the Senegalese.

To close the energetic gap that exists in Senegal and boost the solar industry, the “Association For The Promotion Of Solar Energy And Recovery Of The Wind Turbine” was set up by the Senegalese. 
People were a little disappointed because the authorities have made heavy investments in solar and outcomes were not achieved. This is the main reason why many people do not believe in solar energy,” said Abdul Aziz Ba member of the association. “But we believe in it because we know we have a strong potential and we would really like to clean up the area,” he said while adding, “And that’s why we created this association to boost the solar sector.” 
And also an appropriation of this tool is the only thing that can afford to absorb the energy gap in Senegal at the household level. “Stating that”, it was found that at the sector level, there are shortcomings in relation to managerial knowledge, human resources. 
The solar industry is also well organized from the point of view of legislation,” as Abdul Aziz Ba says “that’s why we want to provide training which will be complete. Our first targets are those that operate in the sector. There will be a module of law for people to understand how the sector is regulated, what you need to do and what not and how to engage
It also states that the work to clean the area has already begun. ”We are trying to convince the population level that the sun is only as a tool for their insights and their basic needs. We began to define lines to compensate for any problems.
Basma – Green Energy International Correspondent – 01/01/12

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