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Monday, 2 January 2012

The Guinea says it will invest $ 19 million

The Guinean government has launched Dec. 24, a lighting project of the cities of the country through solar energy.
The Guinea says it will invest $ 19 million in this project that lasts six months. A total of 7,000 street lights should be installed on city streets across the country.
Guinea, leading exporter of bauxite, also has a large hydropower potential estimated at 6000 MW of which only 2 are operated.
Electricity of Guinea, EDG, states that power generation has produced 385,964 megawatt-hours between January and September of 2011, against 450,318 megawatt hours over the same period in 2010, a decrease of 14.3%.
In August, the government signed with China International Water & Electric, a management agreement Kaléta hydroelectric dam at a cost of $ 526 million. According to the Minister of State for Energy and Environment, Papa Koly Kourouma, an output of 240.5 megawatts is expected to launch this infrastructure.
President Alpha Conde has promised to give the current 16 h/24 Guineans in 2012, based on the announced reforms. It recognizes that the final solution to the country’s electricity is in the construction of hydroelectric dams.
Basma – Green Energy International Correspondent – 01/01/12

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