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Monday, 31 October 2011

Ho Chi Minh City: The First Contest Of Vehicles Running On Solar Energy

   A competition of vehicles running on solar energy began October 24 in the high-tech zone in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam for the first time. This event is    a joint initiative of the Municipal Department of Science and TechnologyTelevision in Ho Chi Minh City and the Energy Conservation Centre (ECC) in Ho          Chi Minh City.
Funded by the Danish Embassy in Vietnam, this competition brings together 42 teams from universities and companies in five provinces and cities of Khanh    Hoa (Centre), Ho Chi Minh City, Dong NaiBinh Duong and Vinh Long (South).
These 42 teams were divided into nine groups and the competition will be concluded on the 1st of December.
According to Huynh Kim Tuocdirector of the ECC in Ho Chi Minh City, the competition aims to attract public interest on the application of solar energy and strengthening its research. It is also an opportunity for individuals and organizations to apply their knowledge in the use of solar energy.
The winning team will attend the world finals held in Australia in 2012.
   Meticulous Preparations
Before the race started officially on October 24, the teams participating in the workshops took their time to refine their technological jewels.
According to Pham Xuan Hien, a teacher of the Faculty of Physics and Electronics, University of Natural Sciences in Ho Chi Minh City and head of the              Solar Car Team, “this competition can stimulate the creativity of students. They have the opportunity to design and implement solutions to optimize the              accumulation of solar energy. ”
The University of Transport and Communications has sent two teams, Green and Solar Car Vehicle. According to Cong Danhteacher of Mechanics of the school, each team has its own creativity. He and another teacher were involved in the design; the remaining ten members are the students responsible for manufacturing.
Apart from nine candidates from universities across the country, Solar Car Racing also has 23 companies specializing in solar power. Hoang CuongChief Executive Officer of An Lac and senior member of the team ”joint venture An Lac – xanh Nang Luong“, said that after being informed about this competition, almost all engineers and workers of companies specializing in mechanics and repair cars were very happy to subscribe to satisfy their creativity and contribute to the fight against air pollution. ”We have cooperated with the company Nang Luong xanh to participate in this contest. If the weather is optimal, our vehicle can travel at 40 km/h,” he informed.
Nguyen Viet Nam is a member of the television team from Ho Chi Minh City (HTV). He and his colleagues decided to participate “to find the joy of creativity during the school years.” They made a vehicle that complies with the rules of the ECC in Ho Chi Minh City, which can reach 20 km/h. winning or losing is not important to him. What he means is that the results of this competition are to help make other solar-powered equipment, such as the building where he works.
According to Dr. Le Hoai Quochead of the Management Committee of the high-tech zone in Ho Chi Minh City, technologies and inventions have always been interesting to young people. And in this century that will see the exhaustion of fossil fuels and large climate disturbances, solar energy is a key concern.
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Basma – Green Energy International Correspondent – 31/10/11

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