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Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Largest Solar Power Plant In The World Powered By 636 000 Modules By Canadian Solar

The Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ), a leading global player in the photovoltaic solar energy production, has provided 636,000 solar modules for the largest photovoltaic complex in the world, located in southern Brandenburg, GermanyCanadian Solar and its two partners, Saferay and GP JOULE, provided 148 MW of the 166 accounts that this park possesses. The base power of the 78 MW system was guaranteed by Saferay. The park is expected to produce enough green energy to meet the energy needs of nearly 50,000 homes. It was inaugurated by Matthias Platzeck, Minister President of Brandenburg, on September 24. The ceremony took place at the site of the photovoltaic Senftenberg.

During his speech, Mr. Platzeck presented his thanks to corporate partners of the project, stating that "large-scale photovoltaic power plants, such as Senftenberg and Schipkau play a major role in energy supply in Germany and help accelerate the energy shift desired. Brandenburg is at the forefront of renewable energy in Germany, giving it their full support and promoting it, which allowed it to be recognized as the best land (federal state) for renewable energy." The photovoltaic plant is a further evidence of the relevance of Germany for projects of this size, an opinion shared by Andreas Fredrich, Mayor of Senftenberg, stated that "thanks to the large number of former mining sites and existing power grids, our region is the ideal place to host large photovoltaic systems."

Dr. Shawn Qu, Chairman and CEO of Canadian Solar, said, meanwhile, another major asset for many communities, "cities and communities do not only get an environmental benefit but they can also benefit from the income from the taxation of solar parks, or incentive rates when operating them themselves. In addition, projects such as this have a positive impact on the local economy since most construction contracts and operations are carried out by local businesses. We are delighted to have contributed to the economic development of Brandenburg. "

The central Senftenberg II / III plant was built in three months on 200 hectares of former mining site Meuro. This site, owned by Agrargenossenschaft Großräschen eG coop., Can accommodate up to 330,000 crystalline photovoltaic modules. "The project Senftenberg, can demonstrate that the development and construction of large Photovoltaic systems are faster than for any other type of plant. Thus, even in a country like Germany, which has a lower sunshine duration, we are able to produce energy cheaper than offshore wind farms ", says Dr. Marko Schulz, CEO of saferay GmbH.  The project funding, required a budget of nearly 150 million EUR which was provided by three German banks. Saferay holds two thirds of the investments and operations.

The effort to develop this solar park has drawn Unlimited Energy GmbH, a developer of projects in Berlin. In addition to working on the legal framework of the project, Unlimited Energy GmbH has also focused on the issue of environmental protection during the studies of plant design. Torsten Kasch, CEO of Energy Unlimited GmbH, explains that "we have defined an area of ​​24 hectares only for larch, outside the PV Park. In addition, the rows of PV modules are protected by splendid windbreak belts and green belts that can become a habitat for birds and other wildlife. Similarly, we have attached particular importance to the protection of plants and animals in our thinking about the concepts of site maintenance. "

About Safery GmbH
Saferay GmbH builds and finances power plants and operates essentially to clean and actively contribute to the development of future energy concepts of the world's largest markets. The company has installed a capacity exceeding 350 MW.

About Unlimited Energy Gmbh
Unlimited Energy GmbH is a promoter of renewable energy projects, particularly in the photovoltaic and wind power. The company, whose headquarters in Berlin, specializes in assembling solutions that meet the special requirements of large scale projects and already has to its credit the development of solar and wind farms of several hundred megawatts since its inception. Besides Germany, which is its main market, Unlimited Energy Gmbh is also present in Bulgaria in the development of renewable energy sector.

About Canadian Solar
Canadian Solar Inc. (NASDAQ: CSIQ) is one of the largest companies specializing in solar power worldwide. This manufacturer produces high quality of ingots, wafers, cells and solar modules, solar systems and customs which are used worldwide. Throughout the world, Canadian Solar provides its customers with products for solar installations connected to the network and stand-alone systems. With subsidiaries in North America, Europe, Australia and Asia, Canadian Solar is characterized by exceptional quality and cost effective solar solutions all by staying environment friendly and promoting sustainable development worldwide. You can find more information about this company at

Basma - Green Energy International Correspondent - 18/10/11

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