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Thursday, 13 October 2011

We Think It’s Time To Take Solar Energy Seriously In Australia

Along its solar energy development journey, Australia has known unlimited hurdles and hold backs due the government’s policies. We can’t deny that the government is trying hard to push the Australian solar energy scene forward, but it still seems not enough and that it really needs to be worked on further. Due to this delay and grief made by the government, SEA, the Sustainable Energy Association Of Australia, has stepped ahead trying to make it right by suggesting a competitive market in which Australian people are encouraged to go green.

On the 7th of October 2011, an industry survey has taken place concerning Western Australia’s solar scene; it has declared that the Australian residential solar industry had taken huge leaps forward and had been growing at an encouraging pace but is now severely threatened due to the ever-changing government subsidies.

The survey hasn’t stopped at stating such general facts but it has also mentioned some numbers: 73% of people surveyed stated that the feed-in tariff reduction has caused the sales to fall downhill. It’s obvious that this reduction has caused employees a hard time as well as some companies are going to have to set free about 49% of their workers which is not good news of course; imagining an 3000 workers factory, we can assume that the results are going to be catastrophic upon the “disposal” of 1500 innocent and financially crushed workers. Many businesses are closing their doors altogether, the industry has already witnessed some major players falling by the way. Is that Government support of a necessary industry?

And in order to push the solar energy usage further in Western Australia, Ray Wills (SEA Chief), is encouraging households to install solar energy panels on their rooftops and start using the green free electricity instead of the polluted one, which offers ever increasing prices.  The bungling of the incentive tariff scheme has made this very difficult now. It is time for the self-proclaimed environment guardians to step up to the plate and show the desire to protect our planet as its general population has done!

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