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Monday, 21 November 2011

Lézignan-Corbières: Beware Of Merchants Of Wind!

Supplying electricity to a detached dwelling with a small wind turbine and solar panels seems like an exciting ecological project... that can quickly turn into a nightmare. While the region subsidizes the equipment under certain conditions, unscrupulous installers can take advantage of the enthusiasm of individuals for renewable energy. Wind merchants with no shortage of air: they do not hesitate to rip off their customers thousands of dollars and discredit an entire profession in transition. To prevent other players the same disappointments, Patrick Constant, head of a farm on the territory of Fabrezan, wishes to testify.

"My house is not connected to the grid. So, I contacted a company in Lézignan to equip myself and feed my apartment with renewable energy. After assessing our needs, the company offered installing a wind turbine with an output of 1000 watts, 2 solar panels, 4 batteries, a converter and a thermosiphon balloon drop. This equipment is destined to connect a TV, a computer, a washing machine and obtaining hot bath water. The complete installation charges around 14,500 euros. With the tax credit and premium privileges, the estimations dropped to 5,400 euros" explains Patrick Constant.

AFter charging the first payments, the company had undertaken to raise the issue of subsidies to the region and had begun work. "But the site has been shipped, with numerous faults and frequent failures: the turbine is ran by vines and old rusty poles, the solar panels are placed on the ground, the thermosiphon ball is fixed with one bolt ... The bouquet: the power of the wind turbine is only 500 watts, I discovered that by taking a picture of the rotor with a powerful zoom! All equipment will be damaged by the first storm and it will cost me a whole lot of money to repair their nonsense ... not to mention that the company did not provide me with any guarantee documents, manuals or data sheets for maintenance ".

Of course, Patrick Constant did not receive any premium for the Languedoc-Roussillon: "It was not possible because the work had already started! However, the company has led us to lie and get another folder! From there, our relationship has deteriorated significantly ... While searching on the internet I realized that the employees had already been in trouble with the law in another department where they had defrauded many families. In this story, I’d lost thousands of dollars and I’ve been ripped all the way! Not to mention the days of stress and anxiety due to this mishap. "

Note that Patrick Constant filed a complaint against the company for breach of trust. A police investigation is ongoing. But justice will probably be slow to do its work.

Basma – Green Energy International Correspondent – 21/11/11

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