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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Tunisia: The Future Is Solar

Remember when we talked about the solar energy progress in Tunisia and the difficulties it was having? Yes? Do you also remember that we promised you to keep you updated too? Yes? Great! Then keep on reading for an update, but if you’ve missed that article, you can read it HERE then come back, don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere, I promise :-)

The technology of solar water heating is going to have a bright future in Tunisia in the coming decades depending on the progresses it’s registering. Soon, several renewable energy projects will emerge. A water park spanning over 700,000 square meters has been installed already in earlier 2011.

Another approximately 1.5 million square meters will be developed in 2020. It may be extended by 2.5 million square meters (that’s what you call huge man) in 2030!
The development of solar thermal market in Tunisia is thus part of the Tunisian Solar Program (PROSOL), a joint initiative of the Tunisian Agency For Energy Management (ANME), the Tunisian Electricity And Gas Company (STEG), the United Nations Environment and the Italian Ministry Of Environment.

In order to reduce energy bills which are the main concern of simple employees (paying half of your salary for electricity bills isn’t that cool you know), Tunisia has made great efforts to develop renewable energy. Financial resources dedicated to this area are estimated at $ 2.5 billion, including $ 175 million from the National Fund for Control of Energy, 530 million dollars of the public sector, 1.66 billion dollars from the private sector and 24 million dollars from abroad. These funds will be spent in 2016 on 40 renewable energy projects. About 40% of the resources will be devoted to developing the infrastructure to export energy.
In 10 years, the solar energy could be one of the most crucial of renewable energy not only in Tunisia, but in the whole world actually. The technology is based on parabolic trough to produce steam at a very high temperature and high pressure.

Basma - Green Energy International Correspondent - 12/11/11

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