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Saturday, 12 November 2011

Solar Energy: Soitec Gets Approval For Five Contracts In California

Soitec, producer of silicon insulators, a material used to manufacture electronic components, has been authorized by the authorities of California to purchase agreements for solar energy plants with a total capacity of 155 megawatts.

The group said in a statement that its subsidiary Soitec Solar Development has received approval from the Commission to regulate utilities in California for five power purchase agreements concluded with the U.S. San Diego Gas and Electric (SDG & E).

These five projects represent a total capacity of 155 megawatts (MW) solar energy implements, electricity is going to be generated by solar power plants in the San Diego region through the group’s concentrator photovoltaic cells (CPV) using the Concentrix technology.

This announcement represents a milestone in the development program and strategy Soitec in the United States, the group said in a statement.

The CPV modules will be assembled in a new Soitec factory located in the San Diego area that will benefit from more than 30%, efficiency which two to three times more than conventional solar technologies.

The production unit of Soitec full capacity should be used by more than 450 people in the San Diego area and will generate more than 1,000 indirect jobs in this county. Its location should be announced before the end of the year 2011.

The announcement boosted the title in early trading on the Paris Bourse. The action Soitec gained was estimated by 10.85% while the Paris CAC 40 index progressed by 0.78%.

Basma - Green Energy International Correspondent - 12/11/11


  1. Solar energy is converted into electricity in two ways, direct and indirect. Directly, the sun’s radiations are converted into electricity using the photovoltaic modules. Indirectly, the sun’s radiations are made to converge at a single point using the mirrors and lenses and then that is used to heat some fluid or water. The steam thus produced, is then used in the conventional power plant to produce electricity.
    this is called is green energy

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