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Monday, 14 November 2011

Nigeria: Airtel Will Power Its Base Stations With Solar Energy

Solar Energy Nigeria - The mobile phone company, Bharti Airtel, has announced plans to supply the solar energy usage with a first batch of 250 base stations that worked previously for diesel. Airtel said in a statement in Lagoson Thursday that these base stations are powered by an E-site which is a new green energy solution coming from the Swedish company, Flexenclosure.
A specialist provider of the Swedish green energy solutions says that the base station sites are going to be detached from the main network. This solution can significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions of CO2 compared to diesel-powered sites, the statement said.

“This will improve operations and minimize the impact on the environment. The E-site solution will enable Airtel to exploit solar energy to power mobile base stations in Nigeria”, says Bharti Airtel.

Thousands of base stations belonging to mobile service providers in Nigeria are supplied by generators because of the frequent power cuts in the national grid.

Basma – Green Energy International Correspondent – 14/11/11

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